On Friday July 30th, 2021, the City of Bellevue hosted a celebration of the completion of the Multiuse Pathway along Newport Way. If you were unable to be there, it was well attended by City officials and many long-time supporters of this project to make Newport Way safe for pedestrians and bikers. It was a wonderful and long-awaited day. You can see video coverage of the event on the August 2021 episode of Bellevue's Lake to Lake program.

This has been a long journey but a real lesson in how a small group of citizens can work together to bring about beneficial change in their community. Kudos to the City of Bellevue for listening and working in partnership with us to make our neighborhood safer.

This project would never have been completed without your support. All of us who are members of the Sidewalk Committee are representative of a broader constituency: Boy Scouts, school teachers, ministers, bicycle clubs, Library Boards and everyday citizens who took the time to sign petitions, attend planning sessions and come to City Council meetings over the past 10 years. On behalf of all of them, we send our thanks for making this enhancement to Newport Way a reality.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, we encourage you to take advantage of our new walkable and bikeable pathway along Newport Way. It’s a wonderful addition to our community and we hope you enjoy it.

The Newport Way Sidewalk Committee

Read the story behind the project

... in the Oct 2020 issue of Somerset Neighbors. It tells the complete story of the community effort initiated by a concerned neighbor back in 2005. Read it here.

Connecting our schools, library, churches and community center


For a Safer Community

Cross-section of the new street with sidewalk and bike lanes (click for larger image)

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The Newport Way Sidewalk Committee

We are a group of neighbors working together since 2012 to promote the construction of a safe sidewalk and bike lanes along a dangerous stretch of Newport Way that connects Tyee Middle School, Edgebrook Swimming Pool, the Community Center, the Library, Eastgate Park, Aldersgate Church and Day Care Center. More information can be found on the "About" page, and in a story in the Somerset Neighbors Magazine.

Grand Opening held July 30th 2021!

P.S. If you would like to show your appreciation, please send a thank-you message to the City Council at council@bellevuewa.gov.