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Eastgate PTSA
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Cascade Bike Club
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Neighborhood Size Statistics

From Steve O Donnell 5/2014: We have 1585 which is all of Somerset proper and three divisions of Forest Hill that are north of Forest Dr. along both sides of Somerset Dr. There is approximately 3 people per house so approx. 5,000 people. U.S. Census track info (perhaps accessible Online) is probably more accurate. Also, BSD has a great deal of enrollment data for Somerset L, Tyee Middle and NPHS so they might be able to be helpful as well. If you need just Somerset I think that is 1337 so probably a little over 4,000 population.

Radar Dollys

(Joe Pham)

After contacting the Transportation department for a radar dolly, the Transportation department indicated their radar dolly are meant for slow residential streets only, not for main arterial.  They suggested contacting the Police departments radar dolly.

Then, after contacting the Police department for their dolly, they indicated a radar dolly on Newport Way is prohibited, due to it blocking pedestrian traffic.  I replied there are two ideal placements, where both a unpaved bike lane and sidewalk are present:
1.  In front of the Recreation Center
2.  Across the street from Somerset North Entrance
In summary, both departments indicated placement of a radar dolly is not available on Newport Way.   Linda Glas, from the Transportation department indicates they will do their own study, and provide details to our group (see full email response below).
Linda Glas -Neighborhood Traffic Project Manager
O.J. VanWieringen    S-4 - Police Support Officer, Traffic Division - Bellevue Police Department  (425)452-6940

[From Linda Glas ~4/28/14]
Dear Mr. Pham,
Thank you for your e-mail.  The City’s portable radar dolly is a compact unit intended to be used on residential streets to remind motorists of the speed limit and to adjust their speed accordingly, if needed.  On arterial streets, such as Newport Way, we typically look for locations that may accommodate our much larger radar trailer.  Based on the roadway conditions, placement of this is not feasible in the locations you’ve noted.  Although these types of units may not be feasible, installation of Stationary Radar signs may be an option.  We already have two of these on Newport Way in the curve near your neighborhood.
As you are well aware, much of Newport Way was under the jurisdiction of King County prior to the Eastgate area being annexed to the City of Bellevue.  Thus, we have no speed data in this area.  Over the next few weeks, we will conduct speed studies.  These studies will help us determine if Newport Way would be a good candidate for placement of additional stationary radar signs.  Stationary radar signs direct a driver’s attention to the posted speed limit and digitally display the speed of the driver’s vehicle on a large message board.  This instant feedback results in a greater awareness of the speed limit and encourages motorists to adjust their speed accordingly, if needed. These installations have been shown to reduce vehicle speeds by 6-8 mph.  Locations are selected based on prioritized scoring criteria and available funding.  Scoring criteria considers vehicle speed, traffic volume, street conditions, proximity to parks and schools, and reported accident history.
When we have completed our review, we will share with you our findings and recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to contact the City of Bellevue with your concerns.

Linda Glas