Newport Way


Frequently Asked Questions

What community facilities would this serve?

  • Tyee Middle School
  • Newport Way Library
  • Bellevue Community Center
  • Aldersgate United Methodist Church
  • Aldersgate Christian Preschool
  • Edgebrook Swim Club

What is the location of the proposed sidewalk?

Southeast Newport Way between SE Allen Road and 150th Ave SE.  See map on the About page.

Who is and how is it financed?

We are a group of concerned neighbors who came together to spread the word about the project.  We are not an officially recognized committee or non-profit organization, nor do we have any funding.  All finances are from our own pockets.

Is there any official support or any endorsements by community groups?

Yes, several community organization have endorsed the sidewalk project.  Please see the Endorsements page.

What is the estimated cost of the project?

The Bellevue City Transportation Department estimates the project will be in the $10 million dollar range. In December 2014 the Bellevue City Council approved a budget that includes $7M for the project.  After the design is complete, a more accurate cost will be established.  If necessary the Transportation Department can seek grants for funding any additional cost.

What are the critical dates for project decisions?

2014 was a critical year because the Council was adopting the Capital Investment Program (CIP) budget, which is a 2 year cycle.  2015 will mostly be design and environmental review.  After the project cost is established, there will likely be additional project review and budget discussion, so the next critical dates for community action will likely be late 2015 and 2016.

What Bellevue City Policies impact decision making on Newport Way Sidewalks?

For a complete list, see this PDF document

Is there more information and studies on sidewalk safety?
Yes, see Information about Sidewalk Safety on our Resources page.

Why should I care? I never walk around the neighborhood,  so it doesn't matter to me.
Walkability translates directly to higher home values - check out this article: Walk Your Way to Higher Home Values

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