Printable Signs

Coming Soon: Signs and flyers you can print to post on bulletin boards and hand out to neighbors and friends.


City Council Process

City Council member Jennifer Robertson wrote an article for the Somerset Sun March 2014 issue.  It describes the City Council's budget and public input process.  Click this link to see the article.

Information about Sidewalk Safety

Printable Petition

In addition to the online petition, we also have a printable petition, which you can use to gather signatures around your neighborhood, school, or church.  Mail the completed petitions to us or drop off at the Newport Way Library.  Info on the Contact page.

QR Code

The QR Code can be printed on any document or sign.

Scanning it will take you directly to this website. 

It can be scanned by any mobile device with

QR code scanning software installed.

Official Documents about the Newport Way Sidewalk Project

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